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Video Games / Burning Crusade
« on: February 13, 2007, 08:19:59 PM »
Haven't seen much WoW news/reviews on these forums in a while.

Anyone been playing the Burning Crusade?  (World of Warraft, 1st expansion)

I have found that the expansion not only built on what made WoW good, but the enhanced zone terrain graphics, the new PvP objectives, and the expanded crafting really made this game go beyond my expectations.  I know other games may look prettier (GuildWars is nice) but the playability and the sheer number of things to do in BC is amazing.  My only regret is that once a player passes the level limit of the original world, the only reason to go back is for the Auction House and the Trainer (and you don't need them at max level).

So, anyone else play? If so, send me a tell - Tjaeden (70 Human Mage-Allaince) on Burning Blade (PvP Server)
Oh, and "WTB [Spellcloth]!"

Happy Gaming!

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