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Brandon Sanderson / Backup plan (Mistborn spoilers)
« on: January 21, 2011, 06:06:10 AM »
So as I reread The Hero of Ages I was struck with an odd though concerning The Lord Ruler and Ruin. TLR knew that Ruin would try something to get at the well and was on the lookout for such plans. The idea of the Skaa rebels actually succeeding in killing him never crossed his mind. So I thought, what kind of plan did?

The fact that Vin was the person the Inquisitors were looking for seems a little to convenient, especially when you consider how mush effect Ruin had on her life. My idea was that the Inquisitor hunt for Vin was something of a front to keep her alive in Kredek Shaw where she could possibly get to TLR. But Ruin isn't something that just lets a plan like this go to waste. What if the Inquisitors running the church was Ruins backup plan if Vin failed. TLR thought that he could control the Inquisitors, so he really had no need to fear them. Ruin could have used their control of the church as a tool for inciting more rebellion, perhaps a full noble revolt due to being forced to put up with the much more deadly Inquisitor rather than the obligators.


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