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Brandon Sanderson / Cosmere Discussion ***SPOILERS for ALL books***
« on: September 13, 2010, 09:52:53 PM »
Howdy.  After months of lurking, I finally found out why it wasn't letting me register an account and rectified it.  So before I start making 13 new topics/day on ridiculous theories, I'd like to ask a couple questions:

A) The Physical/Spiritual/Cognitive realms.  I've seen these referenced a lot and I'd like to ask: what the heck are you talking about?  Can I be pointed towards a Brandon Post/Q&A/annotation where he discusses this?

B) Good ol' Hoid.  As above, can anyone tell me if and where Brandon ever actually stated he's some sort of planet-hopper?Without him actually saying "yeah, he can teleport between planets", I'm inclined to believe there are multiple Hoids.  Shards of his consciousness, so to speak.

Thanks a bunch.

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