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Brandon Sanderson / Heaven Forbid...but just in case?
« on: October 08, 2010, 02:58:57 PM »
So...since Brandon has created this entire cosmere and gotten everyone so interested in it (as evidenced here), the big question is, should anything ever happen to Brandon (Heaven Forbid), has he laid out his notes in a way that someone else could come along and pick up his work like Brandon did for Robert Jordan to finish the WoK?  (and others)?

Somebody get that man a bodyguard!  Food tasters!  Home Security!  On-Star!  Padded walls!  (okay, maybe WE need the padded walls) ;)

Umm....Brandon...I'd be willing to hold a copy of all of your files as a backup.  In case of fire, flood, blizzard or electronic disaster...just in case, you know?   ;D
Sooo Omnibuddy....if Brandon (for ANY reason) wasn't able to finish his series...who would YOU like to see finish it for him?

Brandon Sanderson / Impact of Book Signings?
« on: September 09, 2010, 06:40:07 PM »
I don't know the answer to this, but perhaps Peter or someone else on here has insight.  What is the real financial benefit to book signing tours?  Obviously Brandon (or any other author) will sell extra books at each signing, but a lot of those would have been purchased anyway.  Considering travel and hotel costs, as well as the bookstore's staff and the author's "handler" at each location, it seems that most of those profits would be eaten away pretty quickly.  The fans that go love it, of course, but how does a book company quantify the value of a book signing tour?

Do the follow up conversations on blogs, word of mouth, etc. sell more books?  Is it mainly to keep the author in touch with his audience?  While he's out signing, he's probably not writing (much), and he's away from his family, so it's got to have some degree of negative impact on the production side.  (Maybe less if he's actually recharging his batteries by doing so).  I'm really curious about the ultimate value of a book signing.  Anyone got any data?

(Don't get me wrong...I ENJOYED the book signing and I'll be back to more of them).

Brandon Sanderson / Brandon's D.C. Signing (Sep 8)
« on: September 09, 2010, 03:05:59 PM »
Brandon was here in D.C. last night and gathered a crowd that he called "the largest that he's had since the WoK book release" in Provo.  I was there and thoroughly enjoyed his down-to-earth questions and answers.  He's truly classy in the way that he takes time and interacts with his fans.  There were a few RAFO (read and find out) comments, but most answers were pretty straight up.  He also mentioned that there are some hidden "Easter Eggs" in the WoK maps, but that they probably won't be detectable for 2-3 books down the road.  His goal is to not publish a WoK sequel next year, since he's got to focus on finishing out WoT, but after that, he'll publish the next two WoK in back to back years with future books averaging 2 books every 3 years.

When asked if he was ever going to go back and do the Robert Jordan prequel trilogy, he answered that it was highly doubtful, since they were trying to keep Jordan's works as clean as possible (Brandon is merely completing the work that Jordan already wrote and finished outlining).  If Jordan's widow asked him to do it, he probably would, but that's highly improbable.

I could tell that in the future he may have to limit how much time he spends with each fan...either ask a question OR take a picture...he's still new on the circuit, but he's rapidly going to become so popular that spending full time with everyone will just be too demanding on his schedule (and those that are waiting forever for their turn).  I found it really cool, though, that after the Q&A session that he emphasized that people with physical disabilities and/or small children should go ahead and get in line first, regardless of numbers...he's like Kaladin in caring for his "troops".  Nobody argued and everyone stayed happy about it.

One of my favorite quotes for the night was when someone in line asked him if he ever changes the order of his projects and he said (paraphrasing him here) that there have been times when he's noticed other authors writing books similar to ideas that he's had, but that he's got a unique direction on.  He said he's written those early to get them out first (ties to a quote that's literally on the last couple of pages of WoK, but I won't spoil it for you here).

Brandon also made a point of emphasizing that even if people had brought their own copy of the book, it would be nice if they bought something from the bookstore (didn't have to be his book...could be any book, gift or even a bookmark) to show appreciation for the bookstores making the venues available for these events.

I didn't get to stick around for the Magic game at the hotel, but there were plenty of people headed that way.  Next time I'll plan to stay and watch.  The invitation was wide open to everyone to play in the hotel lobby, and they were giving the hotel address freely as people came through and asked.

As they were going out the door, the bookstore staff was commenting about how much they like the "fantasy/sci-fi" crowd, since they were all so patient and happy (later they said that was compared to the women's book signings and political signings they do there).   I admit it was a great crowd.  I had fun "people watching" as people went through the line.

Anyway...word of advice...if you're going to a signing, take a book with you (that you haven't finished reading) or buy one there, since you'll be waiting a while.  Take Magic cards if you want to stick around afterward and play him (he plays everyone at once...and gives prizes if you beat him...usually hints and secrets).  If you plan to take him something to eat (not expected, but he did appreciated it), make it something that will keep well (such as roast beef or pastrami).  I forgot to take a box of Mac and Cheese, though.  :)

Brandon Sanderson / Other Writers Like Brandon?
« on: August 31, 2010, 04:56:46 PM »
I read someone's statement in another thread that the way that they found Brandon was by reading other novels and seeking out someone who wrote like them (thus they found Brandon).  Since his style is so cool (new worlds, new magics, etc., rather than the typical fireball throwing wizards), I'm always looking for new stuff that's like his.  So far, although not as polished as Brandon, the closest book that I've found to Brandon's writing style is Spellwright by Blake Charlton, but he's only published ONE book, and that was just this year.  I'm hoping that he keeps going and eventually comes into his own.  I like character development, but Brandon's the master of world development.  I also like Raymond Feist's Empire series...I wish he'd done more with Kelewan than going back and fixating on the Midkemia side.

Can anyone recommend any other good books/authors to sate the Sanderson-esque hunger in the meantime? (I'll be rereading all of Brandon's books as well).

Brandon Sanderson / Myst/Mistborn
« on: August 30, 2010, 01:23:58 PM »
I love the multitude of worlds that Brandon can create with the stroke of a pen, and it brought to mind the magnificence of the Myst series of games that was decades ahead of its time...a bit mysterious with lots of unique worlds that came to a stunning, almost (but not quite) unanticipated conclusion. 

The power of Brandon's writings, though, is that what Myst does visually, he can do merely with the written word.  I love a series that sets my imagination on fire.

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