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Brandon Sanderson / Secret Project [Please Read]
« on: February 22, 2010, 06:00:52 AM »
This is an alternate account because we don't want the recipient to know suspect too much. . .

A few of the fans have gotten together and started a project to honor Brandon.  We've heard that he doesn't get on here any more, but to be on the safe side, we're not going to post all of the details here.  Instead we've created an event on the TWG on Facebook group which explains everything.

A link to the actual event:
A link to the group itself:

Come over and join in.  The more the merrier!  And as always, remember: SHHHHHHH!!!  IT'S A SECRET!

Also, with admin permission, we would like to be allowed to bump this thread to the top each day.  For any questions, please see the facebook page.

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