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Brandon Sanderson / Mistborn 3 proof
« on: January 25, 2009, 03:51:34 AM »
I didn't see anything like this anywhere, so sorry if it's up.
I was wondering if anybody else out there thinks this might could be changed?
Pg. 344 about three-quarters of the way down.--
   Sazed wasn't as easily convinced. Yet, he kept his reservations to himself as he turn back to his research. Spook must have noticed them looking over at him, for a few minutes later he made his way to Sazed's table. The boy -- (and this is the part) -- blinked against the lantern-light, soft though it was, and pulled up a chair.
   It sounds to me like  Sazed notices Spook's eyes blink. Now if you read the  next couple pages up to page 347 I think it's still in the same time frame. up until about a quarter of the way down and--
     "Him excluded," Breeze said. "Spook is harmless. Really, you shouldn't--"
      "Breeze," Spook interrupted, glancing over with his strange, -- (and this is the part) bandaged eyes, spectacles hidden underneath and bulging out from the face just slightly under the cloth. 
     I'm just wondering what everyone thinks? Am I reading it wrong maybe? Or do you think maybe it could be fixed for the pb?  I remember reading it the first time and it stuck out to me. So when Mr. Sanderson was asking for proofs I remembered it had something to do with Spook and went back and first skimmed all his parts and then had to actually reread all the parts where he was in it.  Just wondering what everyone elses opinions might be.

Brandon Sanderson / MBers to remake Tombstone movie
« on: September 26, 2008, 10:02:19 PM »
Hi, all. Thought I'd start a post with a different take on the who would we like to see play who in a MB movie.  Was thinking maybe instead I might put together a who we would like to play who in a remake of our own favorite movies?  I know it's a little frowned upon to start a bunch of new threads in a little time, but I've actually been registered a couple of weeks just unable to post. So I'll take a break for a bit after this, but here goes.  Tombstone. And feel free to change it up or put them in one of your own favorite movies of the past.

     Wyatt Earp--Elend Venture
     Virgil Earp--Sazed
     Morgan Earp--Clubs
     Doc Holliday--Vin
     CurlyBill Brocius--Kelsier
     Johnny Ringo--Zane
     Henry Hooker--Oreseur
     Deputy Bill Breckinridge--Spook
     John Behan--Breeze
     Billy Clanton--Captain Demoux
     Ike Clanton--Straff Venture
     Josephine Marcus--Shan Elariel

Here's a link to the movie cast if anyone's interested to maybe freshen up on who was who.  I picked them more for the character of the person than how they looked. Vin as Doc Holliday would be the obvious example. The link:

Anyhow, I thought about the 10 Commandments, maybe Kelsier as Moses or something but went with this one instead. Feel free to change the players or just make your own movie. Originally I had a little blurb about why I thought each character would fit where, but sometimes it was just a "gut" feeling. Feel free to add your own two cents as to why you think a character works or doesn't work or if somebody might be better off playing somebody else. Hope I didn't forget anyone major. Thanks, all.

Brandon Sanderson / Old posts by new posters
« on: September 26, 2008, 03:23:57 AM »
     So, being new and getting hammered with my first post I thought I might like to tackle something a little lighter this time. Having read the FAQs I learned it's bad form to post new thoughts on old subjects. Understandable, if I'd been here a while I'm sure I'd not want to rehash threads from 1922. 

     I had some thought that discussing a MB movie and who we'd like to see in the various roles might be on the light side and put me--yep, it's all about me--in a better light.  So being the good little poster I'm trying to be I went in search of trying to see if there ever were any posts of the aforementioned thread. So, seems like that's a been there, done that. 

    Well, during my travels through the 26 pages of 25 or whatnot threads I found a lot of interesting topics.  Some I found I wanted to opine on and some I actually thought I just might have something semi-intelligible to say.  Forum decorum dictates there shall be no rehashing of old ideas. Nobody wants to revisit something they already debated to death in 2007 again in 2009. Except maybe me. And perhaps a few others that might not have been around back in 2007.

     This got me to thinking, and if any of you have read my earlier post you'll know that the word think and me doesn't quite gel. Nonetheless, I wondered if us newbies might could have--yep, might could have for all the English majors--our own thread? Doesn't have to be much and when the old-timers see it they can just roll their eyes heavenward and think to themselves them (expletive filled invectives) rookies is at it again. You won't catch ME in that thread, and just leave it be.  But maybe, just maybe, a few might have something to say on an earlier thread and y'all can let us have our say? After all, it's not really our fault we got to the party late and there were some pretty good thoughts going around back then.

     So without further ado, adieu? whatever, I'd like to comment on a Terry Goodkind thread. (Somewhere between pages 10 and 13 if I remember correctly, for those that be interested) Seems he got hammered for some of his comments and the way he feels about fans. I'm there. Total disrespect for the ones who pay his bills. The fantasy genre too. Guess if you have magic in your books it doesn't have to be fantasy if you're Terry. You're WAY to good to write fantasy.  Thing is, I like his books. Now though comes word from his website that he is writing mainstream literature.  Has a book deal and everything. Wouldn't it be great if it failed spectacularly? I'd love to see him, having failed, crawl back to the ranks of the fantasy geeks. Anybody else have anything?
     If there are not too many souls that like the thought of what I'm trying to do, please feel free to tear it down.  It, not me  ;D It's just a thought and if it doesn't fit that's fine.  If it's too encompassing and unwieldy that's fine. I'm picturing it as just something to post on bygone posts without bothering anybody who has been here through it before. Although, I think anyone would be welcome by all means. That's enough for now, but if anybody happens to feel the same way, feel free.  And next time, if a next time there be,  I've got a few ideas on another long bygone thread on MB movie and who I think could play who--whom? Thanks for finishing. I know that's a lot to tread your way through.

Brandon Sanderson / The all encompassing UtopiaGreen1-10 thread
« on: September 18, 2008, 03:20:42 PM »
I'm new here. First time on any forum so everybody knows more than me so please feel free to correct my wrongs. Sounds like most dislike (perhaps the very low end of the spectrum) Utopia. I see a few things good in him/his comments. I don't think he should be banned. Seems to me if you don't like his threads, stay out of them. It says who started them. That being said, it seems like people keep going back. Conversation starter, and isn't that the point is to have something to talk about? Not only that, but he seems to bring out very adamant talking. He just needs a little direction methinks. Must be a fan of Brandon's, he found his way here, right?  If his goal is to get your goat, chances are your goat got -- well, got. Maybe, Utopia, if you started a thread or two about the actual books and what's in them, people would let you slide on a few of your more, um, mundane topics? In reading through the various threads, and I'm just using this as an example, please don't fry me, there were a few posters I disliked. Not for any reason, other than I disagreed with them on one thing or another.  That's good. I tend to think better when I not agree with someone rather than when I'm being one of the sheep. Didn't like Ookla (sp?), seemed to stodgy and in love with the fact of being a friend of Brandons. Got to admit he seems very smart though. Miyabi? Didn't care for a lot of posts, hated the name, and couldn't stand the picture. Knew I didn't like him. Guess who was the first to welcome me? Pretty cool.  There's my two cents, maybe ignore his post if you don't identify or agree or think they have anything to do with anything. And maybe Utopia, you can post something more people can get their brains around instead of just going for the knee-jerk, whipcord reaction. Thanks everyone. Hope this doesn't get me banned.  And maybe next time I could actually add something that even remotely has anything to do with Mr. Sandersons wonderful books. Have read MB1 and 2 and Elantris. And two out of three of my sons have read Alcatraz.  I'm going to hit it after MB3. Thanks, all.

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