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Brandon Sanderson / Mistborn the RPG at Gen-Con!
« on: July 31, 2011, 08:49:27 AM »
So, at long last, it finally comes.

From the page:

Based on the best-selling novels by Brandon Sanderson and powered by an all new story-driven rules system, the Mistborn Adventure Game lets you explore, command, or liberate the oppressed world of Scadrial, battle the Lord Rulerís Inquisitors, and master the primal forces of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. It features new official fiction from Mr. Sanderson himself and loads of never-before-seen material, making it the ultimate resource for fans of the novels and those who want to experience the Final Empire firsthand.

The book also features about 30 illustrations drawn by yours truly. I busted some hump to try and match well with Brandon's written words, and he and Peter have been pretty good about keeping me on the right track. I think if you liked the work I've done before, you'll be happy with what I've done here.

I hope you check it out!

Brandon Sanderson / Alloy of Law - UK cover
« on: April 06, 2011, 02:05:36 AM »

I kinda dig it. I think that McGrath's cover is more character-accurate (though not without it's inconsistencies), but I like this. It's pretty consistent with what they did for the trilogy. I do wish they'd been more careful with the typesetting... my first instinct is to read the title as "The A Mistborn Novel Alloy of Law".

I think that's the front end of a train, but I suppose it's open to interpretation?

Brandon Sanderson / Jeph Jacques likes Sanderson
« on: July 26, 2010, 09:20:20 AM »
Jeph Jacques likes Brandon Sanderson. Teehee.

From his 07/26 entry:

OH MAN you guys, Comic Con was so fun this year! In addition to meeting hundreds of absolutely wonderful fans, I had two MASSIVE fanboy moments when two of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson and China Mieville, came by and said hello! YOU GUYS BRANDON SANDERSON WROTE THE MISTBORN TRILOGY AND I NAMED DORA'S CAT AFTER CHINA FRIGGIN' MIEVILLE, THIS IS INSANE. Anyway in addition to being wonderful authors they are both delightful human beings. If you're unfamiliar with their work I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Start with "Mistborn" by Sanderson and "Perdido Street Station" by Mieville.

I like Jeph's webcomic, Questionable Content, it's been on my list of daily reads for a couple years now. It's funny stuff, but be warned, it contains... questionable content.


Brandon Sanderson / Ink needs to do his own research
« on: April 24, 2009, 10:10:22 PM »
Hey all, I'm here to pick your brains again rather than pick through the books for reference. Help a brother out:

In what ways do Terrismen differ physically from humans? I know they're taller, and I seem to recall Sazed being described as skinny, but what else was noted in the text?

And in terms of humans and the class structure of the Final Empire; there's peasant skaa, city skaa, merchant skaa, nobles  and the Canton (inquisitors). What else am I not thinking of? Are we to assume that the classes are largely the same across the Empire?

What other non-humans are mentioned outside of koloss and the kandra (and the mistwraiths, which are immature kandra)?

Were there other mentions of wildlife outside of dogs and horses (and if I recall correctly, rats)? I know much of the wildlife in the world is gone due to environmental changes, but what other domestic wildlife has survived? Cows? Cats? Pigs? Chickens?

I'm sure I'll come up with other questions as time goes on. I've got the novels for refs (and lately I've been highlighting or underlining passages that are particularly descriptive, so eventually I'll have a "visually annotated" copy of the trilogy), but sometimes it's just easier to ask.

Brandon Sanderson / reference questions regarding Steel Inquisitors
« on: August 30, 2008, 05:12:46 AM »
Hey all, I was doodling a Steel Inquisitor and came up with some questions about their design... and then I thought, "I bet there's some cats on Brandon's board that know this stuff."

It seems easier to pester you guys, anyway, and probably faster than asking the man himself.  ;D

First off, I know there's a set number of nails, and that two are in the eyes, one vertical down the spine at the base of the neck, and one in the heart (or is it just the center of the chest?). How many nails are there in total, and do we know where they're located? Are they all of different sizes, or do the nails stick out as spikes in other places besides the back of the head?

What references are there to what the Inquisitors wear? I seem to recall a mention of black robes... what else have we got? Do they ever carry weapons, like staffs? There's tattoos around the eyes, but is there a reference to what those tattoos look like (cover art doesn't count, since it's generally the case that the cover artist hasn't read the book or spoken with the author, but if there's something visual that's been stated as canon by Brandon, I'll take it).

Let me know what we know about 'em, so I can do a better design that stays true to the books. Any input is welcome, but page references are especially useful cause it'll guide me to where I can look up this stuff myself.

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