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Video Games / The Legend of Zelda???????
« on: July 01, 2010, 06:09:55 AM »
Take a look at this:

It looked cool, sort of, but it also made me laugh, hard ;).

Ok, so as I take a break to make some of the revisions you guys have pointed out to me from the opening chapters, I thought I'd give you one more.  This scene is from near the end of the book.  It's one of the ones I didn't write as I trucked along chronologically, but wrote when the moment caught me.  It's also one of my more recent works, so (hopefully) you guys can see some improvment.  I chose this part because it doesn't have too much to do with the main plot arcs you've been introduced to so far, so hopefully there's less confusion, and maybe it can show you a bit of where I'm trying to take this story.

In this scene, the Desert Queen confronts the imprisoned Earth Child.  They have not spoken since she banished him at the dawn of the empire.



So, instead of listening to some fellow forum people, I read New Spring first.
I do not regret it.
First of all:  Now that so many of the books are out, I probably would not have wanted to break away from the current plot.  Who knows?  By the time I am done the series (for there are still other books I am itching to read in between, and I think I will need a break after The Eye of the World) they might all be out, and then I might not have read New Spring until after the conclusion of the final book.
Secondly: Keep in mind I am only half done The Eye of the World, but I liked New Spring better.  Now (minor spoilers ahead) I already know Rand is the Dragon Reborn from Suvudu, but it was pretty obvious I think anyways: main character, mysterious circumstances involving his birth, etc.  I'm not knocking the book, I'm just saying, Rand's the Dragon.  But I find his viewpoint incredibly boring for something.  I don't mind Perrin's, mostly because I like Egwene, but Mat and Rand just get on my nerves.
The viewpoints I look forward to the most thought?  Well at this point in the book, they're Nynaeve's, because that's when I see Lan and Moraine.  I loved both of them in New Spring, and so far the parts of The Eye of the World that I have enjoyed best are all the parts with them in it.  I think it's so cool how temestuous Moraine has become a true Aes Sedai, and how her relationship with Lan has developed.  I don't think I would have enjoyed them so much if I had not read New Spring first.  Of course, I might have enjoyed Rand more if a hadn't, but I don't think I would enjoy him anyways.
just thought I'd share my experience, and ask for your thoughts.  Please keep in mind I am only half done Eye of the World.  Right now all groups are headed to Caemlyn.

Reading Excuses / June 21 - Comatose - Riverlord (Chapter 2)
« on: June 21, 2010, 11:59:30 PM »
Ok, here's another one.
First of all, I thought I should mention, Riverlord is the working title.  I'm not very attached to it.  So if, somewhere down the line, someone thinks of a better one, please let me know!

So here's chapter 2.  This one is also a little longer (For some reason there are five viewpoints in this one, but some of them are very small).  It's over the old limit, but I'm not sure what the new limit is, so I'll post it.  You can yell at me later if it's too long.

So in this chapter:

Felix wakes up and is confronted by Sareneth.

Adam finishes is last training session with Selda's younger sister, Karen, before his final exam, and is speaking to his friend Bennet about it when Eshra and Trinian show up.

Sareneth's confrontation of Felix continues in her viewpoint.

Eshra, Adam, and Trinian flee from the University and are aided by Selda.

And two skylanders, Kyrah and Rannek, touch down on earth to end the chapter!



Movies and TV / Vicar of Dibley
« on: June 17, 2010, 05:03:24 AM »
Old show, on the good ol' BBC.  I must say it's hilarious.  Especially the jokes between Alice and the Vicar at the end.  Please tell me someone else has watched this!

Everything Else / Hilarious jokes found in unexpected places.
« on: June 15, 2010, 09:48:11 PM »
This one made me laugh very hard, and I have proceeded to tell it multiple times:
Found On: The OC (I know, surprising!)

Girl 1: What's that movie the boys made us watch again?  The one with the gay guys on the mountain?
Girl 2: Lord of the Rings?
Girl 1: Ya, that's the one.

You may not think it's funny, but I laughed so hard!

Okay, here is my first official submission.
It's 4800, so it is a little bit too long, but the prologue was really short, and I felt it a shame to post it on it's own.  Just so you guys know, my chapters usually are on the long side, I'm currently writing Chapter 11 and am on page 150, standard manuscript format.
Critiques of all kinds are welcome, but as I said in my introduction post, what I'm looking for the most is advice on style.
River Lord is a fantasy in the epic style, set in an empire that spans a continent, ruled by the strange and reclusive Desert Queen.
The prologue occurs during an unprecedented lunar eclipse.  A woman is visited by a strange winged figure, the Desert Queen observes the sands as they tell her what is going on in her empire, a beast beneath the earth hungers for it's prey, and an old man excitedly observes that his period of waiting has come to an end.
In chapter one, you are introduced to the main characters Adam, Eshra, and Felix.
Adam is an Aurok-Hal, a young man with the ability to manipulate water, who possesses blood that can heal in an instant.  He is currently finishing up his term at the Aurok-Hal university.  The first part of this chapter covers his final trainining session with Headmistress Selda Krag.
Eshra is also an Aurok-Hal, and a governor of the Balar Isles, the smallest province of the empire.  She employs Adam as a body guard, along with an Aurok-Hon (a manipulator of fire) named Trinian.  Eshra has  been attending council sessions, and has just learned that she is to be framed for treason against the Desert Queen by the Magistrate of Trinar, the empire's capital city.  Eshra and Trinian make preparations to flee Trinar.
Felix is an arbitrator, one of four who serve the Desert Queen directly.  Of the Arbitrators, Felix is the only one (and thus the only person in the empire) to share to Desert Queens ability to manipulate sand.  He is not an Aurok, and thus has no healing abilities.  The chapter ends with the discovery that Felix and the Desert Queen are having an affair.
*Sexual Content is very mild, and I may not even need to have flagged it, but I will to be on the safe side.
I hope you enjoy,

Movies and TV / Glee and Glee Auditions
« on: April 29, 2010, 04:56:16 AM »
EDIT: Auditions are over, so let's just talk about the show if anyone watches it.

About the show: Jane Lynch is officially my hero,

Brandon Sanderson / Canadain Tour?! :)
« on: September 06, 2009, 10:23:45 PM »
I do plan to do a Canadian tour next year sometime,

Just thought I'd put in a thread for us canadians on the boards...

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan would be an excellent stop...
Just saying. ;)

Brandon Sanderson / Ookla, your thoughts please. (spoilers)
« on: October 23, 2008, 11:18:28 PM »
As promised Ookla, here is your thread.  If you don't want it, or if you'd rather just use the spoilers thread feel free to have this one deleted, I'm just making it because I promised it to you in the Final Theories thread.

One Question.  In the metal lake topic, who was on to something?

Brandon Sanderson / Final Hero of Ages Theories
« on: October 10, 2008, 11:43:43 PM »
Since the book is coming out in four days, I thought I'd start this up.  I just thought before everyone is proved right or wrong, everyone could get their final say on what they think on the various topics we've discussed.  You can include any predictions you want, but if you're having trouble thinking of things, I'd try to include these commonly discussed topics: Hemalurgy, Ruin and Preservation, The Mists, the Mist Spirit and the Deepness, The Hero of Ages, Koloss and Kandra, and the Final two metals.
Let's limit it to one post per person (feel free to modify it if you change your mind about something), if you want to discuss and argue, there are many other threads for that, this one is just to get all you're thoughts together.  Then after the book comes out, we can see who is right about what.  Your theories can be new, old, whatever, just write them down, and lets see what happens.

Ok, here is mine

Hemalurgy is the process in making an inquisitor.  The powers and abilities depend on the type of metal the spike used is made out of, the sacrifice made and the place where it is put into the inquisitor.  Example: A steel spike will give the powers of  a mistborn to a misting.  If stabbed through the center of the chest, or up the spine (around where the steel and iron lines point to) of an allomancer, they will be granted extremely powerful and subtle steel and iron pushes and pulls.  If stabbed through a feruchemist, the Inquisitor will also get the Feruchemist's speed power.  And iron spike pushed through the eyes, gives the inquisitor the ability to see using iron-lines.  A Bronze spike enhances abilites that a person already has.  IF it is piercing the head somewhere (the other eye for the inquisitors), it enhances seeking abilities, let's them pierce copper clouds, and let's higher beings (Ruin) contact them.  If placed in the ear, further away from the brain, the effect is lessoned.  That is why Vin does not have Ruin controlling her, but she can still hear the pulses of the well, which is Ruin calling out.  Alendi's piercing were most likely Bronze.  Pewter spikes enhance may enhance a person's natural speed, strength and dexterity.
The abilities of each of these are just guesses, my main theory is this: That hemalurgy is an operation performed to enhance different things in a person, including, but not limited to, their allomancy.  I think it is a passive magic, and blood sacrifice is required.  The effect of each spike depends on it's size, metal type, placement, and who the sacrifice is.  (As a side note I had a nasty inquisitor dream the other night.  My dean got turned into one, and I was going to be sacrificed!)

2. Ruin and Preservation and the Final Metals
Ruin and Preservation were imprisoned in two different 'wells,' or pools of power, containing liquid metal, the pure metal of the external enhancement metals.  It's alloy, the one elend ate, is the source of allomancy.  This pure metal, is extremely conductive to magic and power, and it can 'absorb,' god like beings like Ruin and Preservation.  Once absorbed, Ruin or Preservation are trapped until someone comes to the well and releases them.  When someone is 'keeping,' the power of the well for themselves they are really just using the power of the being trapped there.  The 'Well of Asension,' in the Lord Ruler's time was the one Preservation is trapped in, and the metal lake is the one Ruin is trapped in.  Once the Lord Ruler realized he was using Preservation's power up, he realized that there was another power, that would be ready in another thousand years in that metal lake, so he changed the world so that in one thousand years time he would be able to claim Ruin's power, and fully defeat the deepness, which he had only partially defeated.  The Deepness simply wants to destroy, so both Ruin and Preservation try to use it to gain freedom, and the Mist Spirit wants Ruin and Preservation to remain trapped.  Now that the Lord Ruler is dead, Preservation's power has entered the one who killed him: Vin, and this is what Ruin needs to destroy in order to take the Land.
Also, Kredik shaw is a hemalurgical construct, with spires stapping into the ground, meant to limit Ruin's imfluence.

3. Hero of Ages
Sazed is the true Hero of Ages.  The Prophecies say that the hero will not be of the people but will defend their ways, or something like that.  They assumed this would mean that the hero is not Terris, but Sazed would be defending the skaa.  This also supports Elend being the hero, since he is a nobleman, not  a Skaa.  Elend or Sazed are my guesses.

4. The Deepness
The Deepness is the killing mists.  The Lord Ruler defeated it last time, by moving the Earth closer to the sun, In the newly warmed world, the Deepness could not survive during the way.  The Deepness, while it can be used by both Ruin and Preservation, is essentially of Ruin (like humans), thus by limiting Ruin's power, the Lord Ruler stopped the Deepness from killing. 
Another theory that I have is that the Lord Ruler took the Deepness's power and hid it within the Kandra.

That's all I've got for now.  We'll see about some of these when the book comes out, so post yours!

EDIT:  This will be followed by an "OOKLA, YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE," thread of course.  Try to remember, one post per person!  We don't want this to get too cluttered.

Rants and Stuff / These Insects are Driving me MAD!!!!!
« on: August 27, 2008, 05:18:18 PM »
Comatose's Rant for the Day

Okay, so, we have a small-scale (meaning crazy and out of control!) cricket infestation in our house.  Now normally this may seem like a not so bad thing.  Crickets don't bite, they eat grasshopper eggs, so the crops will be safer I guess.  However, crickets have one attribute that makes them more detestable than mosquitoes, tics, and hornets combined!  Their accursed chirping!  Even now I can hear them, one in particular (probably because it is close to me), "chirp, chirp, chirp."   They are everywhere.  Going down the stairs, I spot at least six or seven, and then there are probably ten at the foot of the stairs.  In the hallway, I will see three to eight.  In my room, I will see at least two, but there are more.  There has been some in my roof as well and right outside my window.  It is madness I tell you, madness!  They are not so bad during the day, when I have things to distract me from their horrible constant chirping (and it is constant), but I cannot sleep at night.  They are everywhere, so even if I go on a mass vacuum or squishing spree, they are still there.  Their chirping is constant, so I get not a moment of silence.  They are so loud that I can hear them through all my quilts, and my extra pillow.  I have tried listening to music, but they overpower even that (and they are always horribly off beat, which drives me even crazier).  The only strategy I have found that works in dealing with this is to stay up late, so I am incredibly tired, so that even with their chirping I fall asleep anyways.  However, I cannot even sleep in, because as soon as my sleep lightens, a loud chirp will wake me up, and I am stuck awake again!  It is maddening!  I have even awoken several times to find them crawling on me.  I just want them to stop.  Therefore, I have concluded, that Cricket's are Bloodthirsty creatures of destruction who enjoy tormenting their victims so much that they will die of sleep deprivation, or go mad and kill themselves, so that they may feast on our carcasses.  They are sent by the devil to destroy humankind.

This has been Comatose's rant for the day.

Brandon Sanderson / The Metal Lake
« on: August 24, 2008, 08:12:07 PM »
Ok, sorry you guys, I making this a topic.  Mainly because, well it's been discussed a little bit in other topics, but we haven't really gotten even remotely close to figuring anything out about it.  I am referring of course to the metallic lake discovered by Alendi and Fedik, which Fedik explores, which cause the mist spirit to attack him.  Alendi says he never let's Fedik sample the waters (what if Fedik is the hero oooooh ;)).   So ya, I just thought I'd start a topic so we could maybe start figuring this out a little.  It could be this is where the metal that makes you mistborn come from, some say it's the other 16th metal, but who knows.  It's sort of just mentioned in passing, like the piercing were, but a metallic lake near the well of acension.  I think that's got to be important.

Movies and TV / Skyland
« on: July 16, 2008, 03:43:29 AM »
Just a show that I haven't watched in a while that was really really good, plot and characters needed some work, but the world and magic system was impressice, and the visuals were downright amazing!

« on: July 14, 2008, 02:16:22 AM »
Maybe this is the wrong place for this, but I think it fits, this is a short film, video really, and it's on youtube, if you want to watch it, it's only fifteen minutes long, but I thought it was incredibly well done!  I was just wondering if anyone else has watched it and if they have, for their thoughts.

Thoughts (best read aftere watching
I love how it all comes full circle in the end, and how my initial guesses on who the narrators parents were wrong, and the little bits of clever subtle humour were great, and what I liked most was just the overall feel of the video, it was great.  Made me feel all great inside, and the tone the mood, just wonderful!  Sorry for being so vague.  The animation was simple, but pleasantly so, it really fit the feel of the story very well.
I also loved hearing all the Danish and Norweigen names, they were great!

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