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Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Gathering Storm Chapter One
« on: September 12, 2009, 08:30:46 AM »
And see this is what I'm waiting for. Consequences. Danger. Change. Cause right now the only consequence is me being bored to death. I mean really, do you actually worry about any of these characters? I find it impossible. Even when the characters DID die in book five, Rand pressed the magic reset button. Lame. Since then, There has been no need to feel worried. Compare this with how I feel when reading Abercrombie, Martin, Erikson, Sanderson, etc. A character bites the dust, and suddenly I wonder, "oh crap, who is next?"  See what I mean?

Ok, tell me how RJ could have done it differently. He started a series in which foreshadowing is a huge point. In book one you have a lot of foreshadowing about the main characters. Basicly you know they can't die, unless the foreshadowing has happened. So would you want RJ to ignore everything he wrote before, just to kill of a few characters?? Jordan is consistent in what he wrote before.

If RJ had a chance to write another series and wouldn't have killed off anyone, than you should have the right to say that he doesn't kill off characters.  BTW, you don't know if he has planned to kill a few characters at Tarmon Gaidon.

And another point: You are criticing RJ about a series he started in the 80's. Abercombe, Martin, Erikson and Sanderson all wrote their fantasy series after RJ. So their series can be seen as  a reaction on what RJ wrote.

Besides: everyone has things they like in a series. It would be boring if every author kills off the likeble characters.
I, for example,try not to care that much about characters from an author who kills of a lot of characters. Like Erikson. (although you can say, he reincarnates a lot of people as well)

Hey all,

I am looking for people who are going to Jordan Con and still need a room to stay. Information about Jordan Con you can find at( I have booked a room at the embassy suites. The suit comes with a king bed and a pull out couch that sleeps two.  Two other people are already sharing with me.

Spots free:

Thursday 2 spots
Friday 1 spot
Saturday 1 spot
Sunday 2 spot

Costs will be around 33 dollar a night if there are 4 people in the room and 44 dollar with 3 people in the room.

Anyway, respond here, or send a pm if you are interested.

Regards, Isabel

I don't think I said that it was 600.000 words, but only that it was a 1000 pages.
So taking the same setting as a Shadow Rising, a hardcover can be a 1000 pages, same as A storm for Swords ;)
That is the biggest GRRM book.

1. Two books won't be two self containing stories. That is not possible. RJ said it himself.
2. Plus how would they name it? A memory of light A, A memory of ligt B? or A memory of Light and Tarmon Gaidon?
Whatever it will be it's not something that RJ choice and that is way important.
3. Going against the author wishes while it could be publised as one book. Very disrespectfull.

4. I frankly don't care about the stores. how will they advertise for it: Buy now part one, not the full story, it will leave you hanging and than in a month buy the other small half. 60 bucks for two books.

Yes. I'll go into more detail in the report, but Tom is dubious the book won't end up being split into two volumes. It sounds like the probability is high of a part-1-October/part-2-November release, with the possibility of a collectors-quality special edition single volume. However, no one will know for sure until the book is done. Brandon is just under 200,000 words and told Tom the book is 1/3 done, but it's possible the other viewpoints will end up shorter than currently estimated.

My conclusion: Tor doesn't care a bit about what RJ said. They don't have any respect for his wishes and just want to make some extra bugs. The shadow rising is almost 700 pages in hardcover and it's 400.000 words. So a 600.000 words book based on how they published book 4 would be about a 1000 pages.  That's possible to publish: See a Storm of Swords by GRRM. If they are not considering doing that, than my only conclusion is the money. 3 books make a lot of money. (part A+B +collecters item)

Especially if they publish them a month apart. Nothing more than money making. No reason not to bring them out at the same time to respect RJ's wishes.

Ookla: if possible can you tell us a bit about what the publisher said during the panel. Especially regarding  one book - two books?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Wheel v. Mist
« on: May 11, 2008, 08:18:56 AM »
I think Mistborn would definitely win in a fight. At least against an Aes Sedai, maybe not an independent channeler (It's too confusing for me to figure out that one)
And like you said it's all about the element of surprise. An Aes Sedai cannot use the One Power to attack anyone until they attack them first. So theoretically, if the Mistborn sneaks up on an Aes Sedai and uses a duralumin-enhanced steel push to shoot a chunk of medal THROUGH an Aes Sedai... I think we know who wins.
(FYI, I'm still on Fires of Heaven for WoT, so if the Aes Sedai oaths have changed I wouldn't know.)

Attacking someone and using the one power is completely different. An Aes sedai if she spots trouble can easily put everyone in weaves of air, so those people cannot move.  That is not an attack.  (ofcourse it depends on the aes sedai)
Ofcourse Aes sedai and even Asha'man can be killed by surprise, but they both now have Warders or someone they are bonded too. If they are attacked they would also defend the channeler.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Wheel of Time: the things unfinished...
« on: March 23, 2008, 07:10:29 AM »
By the way, If you want to read some reports about what RJ said and listen to some audio files from Dragon Con.
here is the link:

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Wheel of Time: the things unfinished...
« on: March 23, 2008, 07:08:18 AM »
Will someone rediscover flying? I asked that question once and got RAFO. Well, I would very much like to "read and find out".
RAFO doens't mean you will read it. It was his answer about things that might or might not happen, but he didn't want to spoil it.
I don't think we will see flying.

Will Harine became Mistress of the Ships?
Didn't Min have a vision? That it would take a few years, but she would become Mistress of the Ships? She had it about one of the sea folk. In that case this won't happen in the next book.

Why most of the new Sitters from Salidar are so young?
Scapegoats. If something goes wrong than they get the blame. I think RJ won't explain any more about that. :( (but it's not RJ anymore) who knows, but this is something we should figure out for ourselves.

Are there any further plans for Masema?
What happened to Chiad and Bain, will Gaul find them?
What about the raised flag of Manetheren?

These are all not main character things. Flag of Manetheren will have consequences for years, but most will happen after Tarmon Gai'don.
CHiad and Bain, I don't think we will get a happy ending at least not yet in the books. Even if Gaul finds them than they still have to serve for a year and one day.
Masema: i am sure he has more plans, but if that story line will be closed, I don't know. Perhaps Rand will take one look at him or kill him.

Is Verin bonded by the Three Oaths and why not.
From what I remember RJ saying, Verin is bonded. She still has the ageless look.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Wheel of Time: the things unfinished...
« on: March 22, 2008, 09:48:13 AM »
Sorry to say so, but fans shouldn't help out to tell him what to put in the book. What will be put in the book depends fully on the notes RJ left behind, what Harriet thinks and what BS thinks.

Jordan has always said that he will leave some story lines unfinished. What those will be we have to wait.
No writer should look to fans to say what should be in the book.

Although discussing what is left and what will be in the book is fun :)

So anyone thinks that Nynaeve will be pregnant? Or don't you think we will see that in the last book?
We still have Min's vision of a babe in the craddle holding a sword.
Since RJ said at Dragon Con that Mins visions are all about the future, it can't be Lan.

No, there are many answers in Which jordan has said Taim isn't Demandred.
On Dragon Con I asked Jordan also if Taimandred was a deliberate ruse to let the readers astray and he answered he was really surprised by it.

I have written the whole thing out, but I am too lazy to look it up. The audio tapes will also come online.

Ah :) just checked, I did saw your name a few times  ;D  ;D  ;D But not that much.
And since I am not posted that actively at theoryland anymore, I didn't register any new users.
Sorry for that :p
(plus i don't come to the newbie board)

A theorylander in hiding, or I have just not looked closely enough to the newbies :p

Anyway just here to see what Brandon has to say about wot, oh yeah and perhaps skin him if he says the wrong things  ;D :)

une Quebecoise"?

You mean from Quebec? Nope. I am dutch :)

I haven't written that ;) That was written by the people from the Frequently Asked Questions.
I posted a link about that in one of my earlier posts.

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