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Reading Excuses / Re: Your Background
« on: June 15, 2011, 03:21:02 AM »
Hi everyone.

I go by Justin. I found this forum while perusing Brandon Sanderson's website.

I've done the writing group thing a few times. Both groups I was involved in dissolved due to either critique disagreements verging on fistfights or people acting out a nuclear holocaust as a result of aforementioned critiques. I don't believe, however, that either method truly worked to improve their writing, but alas, so it goes.

I've written for a long time, well over a decade now, but don't consider myself a veteran. I've won a few awards for short stories here and there (literary fiction), but I'm still awaiting the day I arrive at that dreamy moment when I receive an OK on a manuscript. I like to think comets and meteors will crisscross and festoon over the sky when that happens, though, for now, they seem to form a huge fist, flipping me off (and I think that fist is my own).

As of now I'm an Intermedia Sculpture student at the UofU.

I have gone on several hiatuses throughout my writing "career," though the last (and the longest) one spanned a year and a half in the wake of my disillusion of my formerly declared English major. I found myself yearning for fantasy and science fiction, though I still often read literature, particularly South American literature. I have written three/four novels (do tens of thousands of freewriting account for something as well?), but all remain unpublished and to this day rest at the bottom of my desk drawer. I've finally found my voice again, and wish to explore a world and story I've been actively imagining for a decade.

What I write is dark, speculative, and introspective.

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