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A quick search didn't show me any threads dealing with the April 2011 hack of this forum, wherein 6000 email addresses and hashed passwords were stolen.  I found out about it when my email address started receiving spam.  I only use that address here, nowhere else, and I have never shared it or posted it or made it public.

ANYONE with a SIMPLE password whose email address is one of the 6000 addresses should log in and CHANGE their password.  Even though the passwords appear to be hashed (MD5?  SHAx?), a quick dictionary attack will reveal the passwords.  I assume that this has already happened months ago.

Looking through the forums, I saw that at least one user reported his/her account was hijacked/stolen.

Site administrators, I'm curious as to what actions you have taken since April to close the security hole the hacker used.  Was it a forum software bug that a subsequent upgrade has made secure?

If you wonder if YOUR email address was one of the 6000, check here:

Here are a few 'blog and web posts about the hack:

Thanks for any/all info.

Aaron out.

A same post but from one the admin itself with the password 'jackass' :D

Pay attention to what I say B*****  ThEhAcKeR12 has hacked the site in end of July but released it on 16th August 2011. The only reason he had posted 6,500 user information is cause he just wanted to show the loop hole in this fucking site or this site just had 6500 members. Till the date he has leaked about 1,00000 emails with passwords including many government(US, UK & India mainly) information.
PS- Blocking him from blogger wont stop anyone from posting the information, it will just fuel it & he will be having fame. Tell the admin to improve the stupid security of the website to prevent 'the data from being stolen'!
Do tell the admin that this account is hacked
God Bless ya all

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i have never understanded that quote  ??? .... supose just because it does not make sense to me can someone please explain :)

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