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If you tilt your head, you can see that she's standing at an angle on a wall with Kredik Shaw in the background.

I don't see it. Love Vin tho.

Everything has been tilted about 45 degrees counter clockwise, to the right of her head you can see a balcony railing, once you see that it's pretty clear.

What I'm really trying to say is not that it effects metals directly but rather that the effects involve metals.   Without metals, there is no effect.   Without metal, Iron and Steel are useless.   Without an another allomancer burning metal, Bronze and Copper are useless.   Without the allomancer having injested metal, Duralumin and Aluminum are useless.   They are all useless without metal outside of the metal being burned.   There is nothing in there saying how they effect or change the allomancer burning them, just that their effects involve metals whereas the others do not.

Ah, I see what your getting at now.


#3:In reference to your discrepancy, Czanos, they do not effect the Allomancer, they effect and are effected by the metals the Allomancers are using.   If the Allomancer is not burning any metal, Bronze detects nothing.   If the Allomancer is not burning anything, there is no need for a Copper cloud as it protects nothing.   Aluminum doesn't effect the Allomancer at all, just burns off all the metals.   Duralumin, if the Allomancer is not burning any metals, does nothing and only effects the metals the Allomancer IS burning.   Its my opinion that all these cases are very specific to one thing and that is metal.   In both of these groups its allomantic metals, but they are metals none-the-less.   With Iron and Steel, its not necessarily allomantic metals, but it is still metals.   All the other abilities do not involve metals at all.   They don't involve allomancers, they don't involve allomancers metal, they don't involve any metal.   They involve people and very specifically people, whether it be the allomancer themselves or others who may not be allomancers.   That is why I say metal vs people.

Ah, but does it affect the metals, that is the question, it is equally logical that it is affecting the person.  Because remember it is the person who is actually burning the metals in the first place, so then what Duralumin does can just as easily said to be increasing the bodies ability to burn metal at an exponential rate, and that Aluminum allows the body to instantly purge the metals.  Whose to say that Iron and Steel do not in fact give the body the ability to manipulate the metals.  It is my personal theory that the metals when burned do nothing but affect the burners body, so that he has access to small shards of the power of Adonalsium.  And I can be completely wrong here, as either explanation seems completely reasonable to me.

I have a few questions....

1. How did an earring kill Vin's sister and make it through to Vin to give her the extra bronze powers?
2. What happens to the spikes in the kandra when they are being held prisoners, because i dont remember reading that they were in their pile of muscles but they also turn to mistwraiths if they dont have them?

1. The allomantic spike doesn't need to pierce directly into the person when that person is killed, it just loses some of it's power when outside of a body.  Marsh's inner monologue tells all how it works when he's going to spike Lord Penrod.  Also Vin's mother was under the control of Ruin, so the killing of her younger sister was probably pretty dang gruesome.

2. When they are being held prisoner they still have atleast the spikes that give them their mind, as when TenSoon is captive he mentions that he still has his. And yes if they don't have them they do indeed turn back into Mistwraiths, but would return to who they were when/if they were to get them back again, or at least that's my understanding of it.

The consciousness thing does bring up an interesting question though, if the Mistwraith are what once were Feruchemists, when they are given consciousness, is that the same consciousness that they once had when they were human, or a new consciousness? Would they be able to remember, no matter how vague, who they were before?

Only the First generation were the original Feruchemists, who have their memory, mistwraiths breed true, so all Kandra other than the 1st Generation are mistwraiths that have been "awakened" with the hemalurgic spikes, hence the need to raise them since they would have no memory of ever having been human like the first generation.


That is what I am saying.      She did actively "Draw" the mists in so she could do the Marsh Mind blast.

Right but afterward she didn't have anything to keep her drawing on the power because Marsh was gone.  You got to realize that she didn't know exactly what she was doing, and I think she only got to the power because she was desperate.

Hrmm, perhapse it was because she was inside and it was daylight when she had it out? That's my best guess.

I don't think so.     She had to draw on the mist to fight Marsh off after he healed from the erring.     She hit him with a mist based soothing that made him run away.       So the mist was out at the time.   Then she went directly out to help the army - she did not waste any time looking for the erring - at least it did not mention it in her POV and it would not have made any sense.    "Sorry guys - I know you are getting killed by Koloss but I simply MUST find my erring first!"

I think it's because Kelsier already had the power. He kind of gives it to her when she's about to die later, but he's already seized control of it when Vin does that. And if Preservation could see into  the future, it's possible Kelsier could. At least enough to see that she needs to take out all those inquisitors.

That does not make sense to me.        If he gives it to her - it should have done the massive swirl thing and all the mists should have gone into her like when she fought the 13 Inquisitors.      Preservation was already dead and  she was "available" since she did not have the erring and she was in the mists fighting the Koloss.

I think that it was more that she had to actually pull the power in, not that it would just magically flow into her without the earring in she had to be actively pulling on the power.  So when she was fighting the inquisitors she constantly needed the power, over a long period of time & so had to keep drawing it in until her body could no longer handle the power & was transformed.  The earring prevented it other times, or at least that's the way it came off to me.

A quick question I just remembered. This was probably explained in the book but I'll say them anyway...

1. Why was Vin slightly more powerful than other mistborn? Even Kelsier comments on the disparity between strength and weight.

It was because her father was an exceptionally purebred noble, it's explained at the end of FE by some of the inquisitors when they oust her father in front of the Lord Ruler.

I think Feruchemy needs redefining also though that one may be a little harder.   With Atium, age seems wrong.   Spend time as an old man, get to stay young longer?   That would give decreasing returns as you did get older.   But wasn't the Lord Ruler using Atium to supplement his age?   It doesn't really make sense since Atium doesn't give you more age in Allomancy.   You can see the future, but its more than time in a bottle.   If instead I said that the definition of Atium Feruchemy was immortality, what might change?   You could still store age but there would be limits to its use, like you couldn't turn yourself into a child or younger.   Atium lets you be a part of a god for a mere moment so in turn channeling that timelessness into the Feruchemical storage allows on to stay timeless for long periods of time.   My definition is also not 100% perfect but I'm trying to think outside the box.   One could argue that Age is correct as you can put your own age in but that since Atium gives you essentially godhood and gods don't age, the process becomes infinitely more powerful when you intentionally age while burning Atium.   

Either at the end of FE or some time in WoA, I'm not sure which, they explain that if you can do both feruchemy & allomancy you can store stuff in the metals, and then burn them for an increased gain, at the cost of the metals. I hope that makes sense, I'll go back and look it up when I get home tonight.

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