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Title: Creating the Shattered Plains (WoK spoilers)
Post by: hubay on May 25, 2011, 08:44:29 PM
One of the two big questions Jasnah is working on is Urithiru and the shattered plains.

It's suggested that Urithiru might have been at the shattered plains, and then it was destroyed, allowing the parshendi to take weapons from the ruins. Jasnah says this is incorrect. She doesn't give any explanations, however. It's possible that she knows where Urithiru is, but it's also possible she's wrong or even lying – it wouldn't be the first time brandon tricked us.

But what if Urithiru was stationed over the shattered plains. We know one of the stormlight powers is gravity based. We also know that specific stormlight powers, like soulcasting, can be inserted into fabrials. So what if all of Urithiru was a massive fabrial – or at least supported by one – that could float midair? When the knights radiant fell, Urithiru would have landed wherever it was stationed over. I'm assuming here that Urithiru wouldn't have been stationary. This allows the city to belong to no specific country, like the radiant in Dalinar's vision said, and also to help wherever help is needed. It would also explain why the radiants fall from the sky in the visions. (It's also possible they can fly, I admit, but we don't see that, just falling).

Title: Re: Creating the Shattered Plains (WoK spoilers)
Post by: Tasslehoof on May 26, 2011, 12:48:17 AM
A Mothership of Radiants sent into areas of conflict, I like this idea.  Are you also saying that you think the Shattered Plains is where the city landed?  The only problem I have with that is that there have been 0 mentions (that I recall) of ruins.  Its possible the Parshendi just keep Dalinar's forces away from it, but I feel like a giant city crashing would have left ruins much more scattered.

Its a really cool idea, and one of my favorites for what created the Shattered Plains.
Title: Re: Creating the Shattered Plains (WoK spoilers)
Post by: andygal on May 26, 2011, 02:09:29 AM
I'm now picturing a steampunk/clockpunk city with GIANT DEATH RAYS. Of DEATH.

Which is AWESOME.
Title: Re: Creating the Shattered Plains (WoK spoilers)
Post by: Tortellini on May 26, 2011, 10:48:57 AM
I like the idea, I always felt a floating city would be one answer. I also think it must have had some sort of portal system, based on the notes Jasnah collected:

“I walked from Abamabar to Urithiru.”[5]

- This quote is from the Eighth Parable of The Way of Kings seems to contradict Varala and Sinbian, who both claim the city was inaccessible by foot. Perhaps there was a way constructed, or perhaps Nohadon was being metaphorical.

Supports floating island. They could have built a ladder or a lift.

“Though many wished Urithiru to be built in Alethela, it was obvious that it could not be. And so it was that we asked for it to be placed westward, in the place nearest to Honor.”[6]

- Perhaps the oldest surviving original source mentioning the city, requoted in The Vavibrar, line 1804. What I wouldn’t give for a way to translate the Dawnchant.

This tells us it is west of Alethela. Still, that may just have been the "anchoring place" and it could have moved east before crashing on the Shattered Plains so it is still possible.

“Though I was due for dinner in Veden City that night, I insisted upon visiting Kholinar to speak with Tivbet. The tariffs through Urithiru were growing quite unreasonable. By then, the so-called Radiants had already begun to show their true nature.”[14]

Obviously the speaker had a fast ride. Either this means portals, or he/she is a radiant and has some transportation power, like flying. But in that case, why pay a tariff through another city?

Title: Re: Creating the Shattered Plains (WoK spoilers)
Post by: hubay on May 26, 2011, 06:05:19 PM

I agree with you on the portals – do you think they were all routed through Urithiru? It would be like a central hub, which would allow them to charge all sorts of money to let people use it. Perhaps it was originally intended to let the Radiants quickly respond to any threat, anywhere, by giving them a portal to all the major cities. In peace time, it would become a magical airport. It would also help explain why the gates aren't around. If they were in Urithiru, and Urithiru is gone, then they'd be unusable.
Title: Re: Creating the Shattered Plains (WoK spoilers)
Post by: Tortellini on May 27, 2011, 08:55:41 AM
Yeah, the lack of relics is something. On the other hand, if the travel system is based on going through Shadesmar, they might not need actual portals - they could have those Radiants who can access Shadesmar and travel there pick up and drop people. Not a very glorious occupation for a knight, but that could be why the tariffs are so high... This sort of travel does not need "new" magic, Jasnah could probably do that now if she really applied herself (this assumes that you can pick up a lot of speed in Shadesmar, but considering the strange physics there, there's little reason against that). That would mean more of a ferry-system than straight-up portals.
Title: Re: Creating the Shattered Plains (WoK spoilers)
Post by: Tasslehoof on May 27, 2011, 06:58:50 PM
Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of using Shadesmar as a shortcut through the real world.  This would be similar to the Wheel of Time, where one can enter the Dream World "in the flesh" and then quickly transport themselves to a new place, and then leave the Dream.  I think the Shadesmar Speedway is quite likely, and I have a feeling it will be a huge tactical change if the Alethi can figure out how to do it (by way of Shallan or Jasnah).
Title: Re: Creating the Shattered Plains (WoK spoilers)
Post by: Tortellini on May 27, 2011, 10:01:50 PM
Hmm, why pay tariffs for Urithiru then? Ooooh, could Urithiru be in Shadesmar? Somewhere in the flat lake? It seems land and sea are reversed there...  Not sure if that's a valid thing, more of a far out idea...