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Title: [TWoK] [Spoilers] Chapter Heading Images
Post by: Argent on January 16, 2011, 07:28:22 AM
EDIT: Turns out most of this is old news. Can disregard.

As I was reading some other The Way of Kings-related topics here, I noticed that the chapter images I had assumed to be pseudo-random may actually convey meaningful messages about the story. So I sat down and spent a few hours going through the book, making some tables. Let me present my findings first, and then I'll go into some speculating on what those things might mean. If I am out of date on some things, bear with me.

I am actually not sure where to take this now =\ I think I expected some grand secret hidden in those headers. I'll post this regardless, just as a bit of information out there. Maybe I can decide on what kind of analysis to do with later - or maybe somebody else will.
Title: Re: [TWoK] [Spoilers] Chapter Heading Images
Post by: Ari54 on January 18, 2011, 08:44:54 AM
I'm not sure the herald images are supposed to relate so much to the viewpoint character as the content of the chapters perhaps.