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Title: Song Lyrics
Post by: little wilson on July 22, 2009, 02:25:43 AM
We all have lyrics that we just love, whether it's because they're visual, romantic, or just sound cool (or any other conceivable reason). Post them here!

I have a bunch that I could use, but...I'll limit it to 2 for now.

"Heaven was jealous to merely look fair against you." -Making April (These are the Nights)

"You make it hard to smile because you make it hard to breathe." -Secondhand Serenade (Why)

Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: sortitus on July 22, 2009, 03:34:12 AM
"To find someone you love, you've got to be someone you love." -Nada Surf (Concrete Bed)

"We cling to this and claim the best. If this is what you're offering, I'll take the rain." -R.E.M. (I'll Take the Rain)

Love lyrics only?
Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: little wilson on July 22, 2009, 04:18:46 AM
No. Any lyrics....

"Sing like you think no one's listening." -Straylight Run (Existentialism)

"Leave while there's still hope for escape." -Jimmy Eat World (Kill)
Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: sortitus on July 22, 2009, 04:50:27 AM
There's always the song that my title quote is from:

"I'm a slave to the system I inhabit; to my good and bad habits; to my have-nots and my I-have-to-have-its; I'm a civilized savage." -Epik High (Slave)

"How can I sleep at night when my whole being cries?" -Sonata Arctica (Wolf and Raven)
Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: Silk on July 22, 2009, 05:01:38 AM
"We tried to talk it over, but the words got in the way" - George Benson's Masquarade

Edit: hey, that's my signature. Guess I really like that line.
Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: ryos on July 22, 2009, 05:20:32 AM
"You never get that one you dreamed of—you get to dream with the one you get!" —Blues Traveler, Let Her and Let Go

"Forget all your troubles and go with the flow
Forget about the things that you may never know
Like whether whatever you're doing is whatever you should
And whether anything you do is ever anything good."  —Tally Hall, Banana Man

"Yo no puedo enamorarla porque sólo con mirarla se me olvida lo que iba a decir."  –La Chica del Pupitre Séis, sung by many

"Iba caminando por las calles empapadas en olvido.
Iba por los parques con fantasmas y con angeles caídos.
Iba sin luz, iba sin sol,
Iba sin un sentido, iba muriéndome.
Iba volando sobre el mar
con las alas rotas." —Maná, Eres Mi Religión (quoted for being very poetic)

"Some people call me retarded; some people call me insane;
Well all you gotta know is Trevor Wheatman's my name.
My claim to fame? Well that's a list too long for this song
I drop science on you; quantum physics and such;
Notoriously (otherwise known as mexi, but) I'll make you pray that the windows and doors ain't shut."  —J Minus, Bubble Tea No Bubble (quoted for pure unadulterated silliness)
Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: sortitus on July 22, 2009, 06:02:37 AM
"Speed me towards death, 'cause I think she'd go for me." -Rob Doughan (Speed Me Towards Death)

"Now the windows are open, the moon is so bright, there's no one can tell us what love brings but you and I." -Interpol (No I In Threesome)
Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: Dragon Shard on March 09, 2011, 01:56:48 PM
1She's got eyes of the bluest skies as if they thought of rain  band:Guns N' Roses song:Sweet Child O' Mine
2And its hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain  band:Guns N' Roses song: November Rain
3Theres a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold, and shes climbing a stariway to heaven Lead Zeppeilin Stairway to Heaven
4Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the supermassive  Muse, Supermassive Black Hole

       just a few awesome ones that come to mind.
Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: Mykeyhuffy on June 12, 2011, 01:20:56 PM
"Madness is like love, it makes you see the world a different way
Maybe love just helps you say the things that madness can’t convey" - Showbread "I Think I'm Gonna See You"

This whole song has great lyrics about the current state of the music industry.

"You were conceived on a storyboard
In an uptown high-rise
Where your celebrity was born
From umbilical obscurity

And the list keeps growing
And our ears keep bleeding
And the masses keep begging for more
And your screams keep coming
And the units keep moving
And the masses keep begging for more

The grins of your puppeteers are beaming
Because the quotas will be made
Or your time in the spotlight will fade
At the hands of the same pigs that made you

So speak of movements
To move more units
And invent brand name for your “believers”
Like brands on slaves

We’ll still be waiting for something stimulating
Because in the end all you sold us was boredom" - Project 86 "Another Boredom Movement"
Title: Re: Song Lyrics
Post by: Eugene on July 01, 2011, 01:55:29 PM
Nice lyrics which is share by all of you and I also want to share the one chorus of the lyrics. I hope you will like it very much.

"Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There's something missing in my heart

Life goes on as it never ends
Eyes of stone observe the trends
They never say forever gaze upon me
Guilty roads to an endless love (endless love)
There's no control
Are you with me now?
Your every wish will be done
They tell me"