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Mistborn on Top 100 SFF novels of All Time!

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Hey Everyone!
   Brandon's Mistborn series made it to the top 100 SFF novels of all time! #43!


Here is the link:



No offense to Mr. Sanderson, but I don't think anything he's written so far deserves to be on that list. I also think they should take Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles off it too.  :-\

ulysses sword:
Meh, I always take lists like these with a grain of salt, they seem to be biased towards more current works.  That being said, I can't think of 98 novels better than Mistborn or the Kingkiller Chronicles. (23/100, I need to read more)

I don't know, I am seeing a lot of titles that should not be there. Brandon's ability to tell a story in an interesting way, while coming up with a cool and engaging world, creating believable characters, and twisting the plot to keep the readers on their toes are things I don't see in at least 20-30 of the books on the list, and I haven't even read all of them / the rest.

Not to mention that those books are all from at least a dozen different branches of the SFF genre, and people really shouldn't be comparing them. It is, I think, a poor decision to put The Wheel of Time next to American Gods, next to Small Gods. Not only are they very different in nature, but they are not even of the same format! The Wheel of Time is unfinished and 12 books long, while Small Gods is a single book that is very loosely related to another, what, 30 that take place within the same world?

With a number as big 100, it's almost impossible to reach any sort of consensus. Especially when you include both SF and F in a single category, which given the depth of either genre in today's market is a bit of crap. I'm pretty sure I can come up with a list of 100 brilliant SF and 100 awesome F novels without the need for much crossover.

That being said, Mistborn is a little hard to categorize. It's got swords and magic, but it also takes place on an alien world trapped at a near-industrial phase of development for nearly a millenia. That blend that he works so deftly is one of the things that makes our boy stand out.

I'm gonna guess that Brandon's probably flattered by the compliment, but that he doesn't take it particularly seriously. I figure we fans should probably do the same. The most we ought to expect from something like this is that it might swell our ranks a bit.


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