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As her gun swings up...

That Kathryn is such a sweet thing!

Any bets as to whether she joins the Toughs or not?

At this point it's a toss-up. I mean, it's been plenty foreshadowed, all the way back to when they first met her on Mall-1 and Tagon joked that he'd like to hire her. But then again, her opinion of the Toughs is quite low, and she's been crossed by them so many times. The way she is now, I just can't see her wanting to join.

But since I really like her, and think she'd be awesome as a Tough; and since they have several holes in the command chain at the moment, and she'd make a great lieutenant; I'm going to shimmy out on the limb labeled "yes, she'll join". It'll be up to the rest of this arc to change her mind enough about the Toughs for it to come to pass. We're already starting to see that happen...

Yeah... I kind of figure the next "bump" is going to be Para giving her a shiny gun ship to pilot... I mean, which would you rather have, a bus or a gun ship? Although with a gun ship and that cool visor, she might decide to head out on her own again... Not sure which way I think it will go.

Or it could be Kathryn learning about Laz'R'Us, thus compelling her to flee to the employ of the only bunch of fools in the galaxy to ever survive that discovery.


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