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I think this is quite impossible but Im going to ask it anyway... Is there any spanish writing group around?

Im a spanish/swedish fantasy writer who want to get feedback and help others with their writing. The problem is that I only write in spanish. This thing with the writing groups works well only in USA but here in Sweden (where I live) or in Spain is very difficult to find it. The same with agents. Agents is something that doesnt work here...

Im in the process to write my first fantasy novel. I have been writing all my life, so Im not new to literature. The thing is that Im new to fantasy writing and I would like to get feedback from others about my manuscript. Im writing my first draft. It will take a few month to complete this work, but Im pretty confident with my work.

and another question:

Where can I find an agent that I can submit my work in spanish?

Bookstore Guy:
Yikes.  I have no idea on this one.  Over at Brandon Sanderson's Agent's website, http://awfulagent.com/ , there is a page labeled "Subagents".  There is a section on there for an agent in Spain.  Maybe query that agent?  That's the only place I can think of at the moment...

Yikes. I'm afraid I have no idea. I think we used to have someone in our writing group who was a Spanish speaker. If that person was still active I'd try to put you in touch. But yeah, sorry :/


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