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release date of the omen machine

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    Anyone know when the omen machine is to be released? I can't wait!  ;D

Bookstore Guy:
August 16th.  I won't be reading or reviewing it for Elitist Book Reviews in case anyone is wondering.  I put myself through a lot of punishment for that blog, but this is one step I'm not willing to take.

That being said however, I fully support anyone's desire to read the novel.  As long as it keeps a person reading, I can't say too much.  To each his own.

Peter Ahlstrom:
You still need to review the Warded Man. Take one for the team, Steve.

Already has.  Several, in fact.

And I wouldn't touch Omen Machine with a three-mile pole.  I might consider a three-mile island however...

Bookstore Guy:
I'm going on a binge where I only read books I WANT to read.  I need to wash the taste of bad novels from my, uh, eyes.  Or something.

A guy can only take so much punishment before he goes nuts.  I nearly reached that point a month ago.


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