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Has anyone compiled the Mistborn annotations into one big file that I can transfer to my Kindle?  I'd like to be able to flip back and forth between the annotations and the books on the Kindle as I (re)read each chapter.
I know I can copy and paste each one from the website myself, but I don't want to go through all that work if someone has done it already.
I seem to recall a blog post about this a long time ago, but my memory is fuzzy.
If nobody has this, I'll probably do it myself and share.
Thanks a bunch!!


Haven't seen anything like that, but I am considering making one now that you mentioned it. No promises, but if I find myself with too much free time on my hands...

Thanks, but I've already started it.  :)  I'm almost finished the first book.  I'm even learning about Kindle formatting and putting in page breaks, table of contents, etc.  So at least I'm learning something! (just don't tell my boss that's what I'm doing at work ;))

Hm, good idea. I feel like Tor should try and make an 'annotated' ebook that combines the novel with the notes and allows you to read each one as you finish the respective chapter, or else just set as them as footnotes like you'd get in bound book.

Knowing absolutely nothing about ebooks, I have no idea how well this would work or how hard it would be to set up. Peter, do you know if anyone's has suggested something like this? I'd buy it, at least.

Peter Ahlstrom:
Tor.com made an Annotated Warbreaker ebook over a year ago but hasn't released it yet.


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