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How do you read Schlock?

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Juan Dolor:
Some TV shows I like to watch when they air, and some I like to watch all at once when they're out on DVD. 

Some webcomics I like to read as soon as they come out, like http://www.harkavagrant.com/.  And some I like to wait a while and let them build up a bit, like http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php. 

How you like to read Schlock Mercenary?

Regardless of the type of comic, I always wait until the graphic novel comes out.

How do I read Schlock Mercenary? Let me count... nah. I just bring them up daily in my browser. At noon, right now (I live in Japan). Nice chuckle before lunch. Or after lunch, for part of the year. But I read them  day by day.


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How you like to read Schlock Mercenary?

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Juan Dolor:
Man,  I didn't even think about graphic novels.  I mean, I own three or four of the Schlock books, but I I got those long after I read the comics. 

I keep up daily with Schlock. I don't like waiting on the next installment to finish. I guess I'm just impatient sometimes.


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