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So what did people think? It has been 10 years since I read the first 3 books, so I am not 100% sure if the first episode followed the books real closely. I think it did. I thought it was pretty good. Martins books take time to draw you in. They don't have a really exciting opening sequence that draws you right in. So hopefully HBO will get fans to stick with it long enough to get sucked in.

The girl they chose for the older Stark daughter does NOT look 13 at all. She is like 17-18 and looks it. It would probably be difficult to find a girl that young to play that kind of role (I can't remember if it is Sansa or Arya its been so long since I read the books I have them mixed up).

I thought the dothraki fight sequences at the wedding were typical TV dance fighting and was not impressed. It was obvious they were fake fighting.

In general I liked it. However, I do not know if I would be enamored with it if I was not a fantasy/sci-fi fan.

this is a very good series and the ratings keep climbing every week. It has been so long since I read Game of Thrones I am not sure what changed. I have to go look. I think its pretty close. They are not sticking strictly to the viewpoints of the book. There was a discussing between Robert Baratheon and Cersei that I don't think was in the book, but is in the tone of the book.

One of the episodes dropped a ton of background detail, so not alot happened that episode. They have been good about giving pieces of information about the world in the show without just dropping it so the show does not bog down.

This is the kind of show that gets more interesting as you get to understand the characters. I think there is a good chance the ratings will continue to rise as the season progresses. They already approved Season 2. So there will be more.

I tried to watch this because I'd heard it was great. Then I discovered how very graphic it is, and quit partway through episode one. And from what I've heard, they are probably toning down the content of the books. It did not make me want to ever read them.


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