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Eric, depending on how Unforgettable goes, do you plan to go the Inde rout for your novels?

Eric James Stone:
Good question.  I decided to try the indie route with Unforgettable because it's shorter than what traditional publishers seem to be looking for (it's only 67,000 words, which would be fine if it were a YA novel, but it's not), so the traditional publishing route wasn't really open for it.

I think that at this point in my career, traditional publishers still have a lot to offer in terms of marketing clout, etc., so I'm likely to continue to try that route.  (For example, I'm still seeking a publisher for my epic fantasy, which I wrote before Unforgettable.)

Well, I read your first chapter and loved the hook!  :)

Just read your second chapter, and I have to say that this is pretty awesome. I like the balance of humor and suspense that keeps the story light and fun but still exciting. Honestly, even if it is a bit shorter than the average novel, I canít imagine why a publishing house would at least give it a serious look.

Juan Dolor:
I saw the title of this post and thought it was going to have an unforgettable question.  And I don't mean to critique the question that was asked, which was pretty good and earned an answer, but it was certainly not unforgettable. 


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