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What is a good role playing game to play?

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I have a PC and a ps3 and id like a good role playing game to play so id like some of your opinions. I have tried world of warcraft and warhammer, i'd prefer not to pay a monthly fee. But if you like the game so much and it has a monthly fee go and ahead and tell me.

Juan Dolor:
Tabletop games have no monthly fee.   ;D


I'm waiting for Star Wars The Old Republic to come out.  It will of course have a monthly fee.  A person or two I know (who are die hard WoW fans and got betas) say it has the potential to sink WoW.

Juan Dolor:
Every game that comes out has the potential to sink WoW.  And every kid that comes into the NBA might be the next Michael Jordan.


Nothing that has come out actually has the potential to do away with WoW.  They don't fit the standards.  It's hard to compete with something that has been around a long time and has that much experience.


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