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So I ended up not going to the standard tournament a couple days ago.

I am getting ready to leave to go to a Booster Draft in Syracuse today! =D

I'll let yous guys know how I did.

(I'm nervous, as this will be my first tournament.


Soooooo, I pulled a stupid.   My brain went "I have 30 cards, I need to add 10 land........"   Needless to say, I didn't have enough land to do anything.  Though I did almost win two matches. 

I drafted a green/black infect deck.  Every match my opponent had at least 6 poison.

Better than myself. I've been doing booster drafts for a few months now. I've only won three or four games. I have lots of fun, but everyone always gets me with infect. You'd think I learn.


That's weird.  Most people can't play infect very well, especially in drafts, because it's hard to make a quick poison deck without dropping at least a bit of money into it.


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