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Whatever happened to the word, "led"?

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old aggie:
"Led" - past tense of the verb, "to lead"

I cannot tell you the last time I read this word in a news story, e-mail, or (sorry) post on this or any other forum. It's even wrong in many books (but none from TWG authors, as far as I know).

When I read something in the news like, "Yesterday, Maj. Xyz lead the Nth Brigade in an offensive against [generic enemy combatants]," it just makes me wonder - When did this happen? Because "lead" is present tense, but it says it happened yesterday...

Am I the only one to notice this? - that a fine and legitimate word has met a premature end at the hands of the evil spellcheck, which is too dumb to know the difference?

Or is this a recognized change in the language? - I confess that, to me, "prioritize" will never be a real word, and "creative" will never be a noun, so I may just have to use the one new term that's worth its weight in gold: "Whatever."

I blame spellcheck and Lolcats.

Hero of Ages:
And "clothe" (vs. cloth) and "breathe" (vs. breath)?

it happens, i believe, because people confuse led with lead (the noun) and assume its right to go with lead ("leed") because of instances like read ("red") and read ("reed")


It stayed up too late drinking, then called in sick.


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