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Is Justin Bieber a girl?


A couple of years ago, a boy named Justin Bieber became the biggest singing sensation since Hannah Montana. He quickly became the most hated person  ever lived with all tomboys and boys. His girlish voice has made people ask, "what if Justin Bieber is a girl pretending to be a guy?" I was asking that too, so I posted this. Please note if you're a girl, boy, or tomboy.


I think it's funny that Daniel Radcliffe actually says "her" referring to JB.

Also:  You should stop trolling.  You might end up banned. ;)

Thanks for the tip.

Daniel Radcliffe seriously does?!?! LOL :D

Come on, I sing like a boy, and I'm 5 years younger than him. And when he grows up, I het he'll sound like an older woman. Wait and see.


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