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Timespan for Stormlight Archives? (Spoilers)

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Has anyone asked Brandon what kind of timespan the 10 books of the Stormlight Archives series is going to cover?  I suspect it'll be about a year or two timespan, since the desolation is hanging over everyones' heads, but I'm not 100% sure.

So far the novel has covered over 4,500 years  :P


--- Quote from: Salkara on October 02, 2010, 07:01:04 PM ---So far the novel has covered over 4,500 years  :P

--- End quote ---

I'm really not sure.  I doubt we'll find out what kind of timespan we'll be looking at until book 2 so we can see what kind of gap we'll get between books.

Lord Terrisman:
I'm guessing the time gap will probably be a little less than in between the Mistborn books ( because there was a year between each).  I think this because there still needs to be time for the events to set in but I'm pretty sure the whole Stormlight Archive series wont take place over the course of 20-30 years.

Cheese Ninja:
1. “The love of men is a frigid thing, a mountain stream only three steps from the ice. We are his. Oh Stormfather…we are his. It is but a thousand days, and the Everstorm comes.”—Collected on the first day of the week Palah of the month Shash of the year 1171, thirty-one seconds before death. Subject was a darkeyed pregnant woman of middle years. The child did not survive.

1000 days doesn't seem like enough time for the series to take place in, given the bit we have so far.  I'm also a bit confused here, are the years 500 days?  (5 days a week, 10 weeks a month, 10 months a year)  And is a day in this series the same length as a day in our world?  Should we be multiplying their ages by 1.37 to get their age in our years?


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