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I haven't played Magic 14 or so years, but I still have all of my old cards (mostly revised with a handful of The Dark and Legends). I know on newer cards they added all these spells and abilities. Are old cards even playable anymore?

No idea.  I have pretty much the same kind of cards in a box in my closet though.  :)  Funny world.

The Jade Knight:
Still playable, but not legal in tournaments.

However, MTG has experienced a lot of power creep over the last several iterations.  Your old cards would generally not fare well against the new ones.

Boo. I have my favorite cheap shot duos. Nettling Imp+Royal Assassin and War Barge + Merfolk Assassin.

My group still enjoys using the old cards from the original set.  And not all the old cards are at a disadvantage there are some cards that are rather over powered.

 Here's an that illustrates some of the best examples.  In sum, while there's been a lot of power creep there's also been a lot of mana-cost creep as well.


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