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Toy Story 3 *Spoilers*

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little wilson:
So who's seen it? Did you like it? Because I loved it. I'm almost wanting to say it was better than the first two, and yet the first two were just so good that I'm not sure I want to say it beats them. Yet it definitely equaled their greatness.

I loved the references to the first two. Especially the beginning, because that referenced the first movie so freaking much. The whole banditry thing, and the force field dog and my dinosaur eats your force field dog stuff. It was funny.

I thought it had just the right combination of humor and emotion. I laughed, and I cried--mostly right at the end. Please note that this wasn't bawling. It was more tearing up than crying, and I tend to tear up a decent amount at movies, but whatever. Wasn't exactly expecting to do that in a Toy Story movie.

Also: spanish Buzz Lightyear. Hilarious. And I loved that they had 'You've Got a Friend In Me' as the song at the beginning of the end credits just like in 1. In spanish. I almost didn't recognize it at first and then I'm like "Wait! AH!" Awesome.

It was predictable, but then, this is Disney. Disney tends to be predictable, and it was predictable in a good, and more than relatively obvious, way. I mean, I totally called that phone traitor, the donation to Bonnie (loved her!), and the Andy playing with Bonnie scene at the end. As a little side-note, my friend leaned over at that point and said, "She's going to have the biggest crush on him for so long." And I agree. Poor little fictional girl.

All-in-all, I thought it was great. What say all of you?

I loved it, and my husband thought it was best of the three. Also, my four-year-old and my six-year-old sat through the entire thing absolutely enraptured.

Short version: I loved it. Flawless. I smiled, I cried, and I laughed.

This is a bit off topic. However, CNBC did a very good documentary on Pixar last night.

I cam here to this part of the forum to say that it was absolutely amazing.  I don't know how Pixar does it.  The entire trilogy hangs together amazingly well.  It should be watchedas such.  In my opinion, they've just been getting better.  When they hang together in the dumpster, I started bawling.  How do they do this?


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