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Does anyone play online browser games? Here are a few i have tried. Just google the names... to get the website

Tribal Wars( Insanely addictive after a few weeks. Very nasty game. It is a war game after all
eRepublik: Just joined this. Looks different than other types of game. It is a simulation of being in a real world
CantrII: Did not get into this. Non-violent roleplaying game
Envy: Standard Browser rpg format. Trying it out
Torn: Another game similiar to Envy.
Domain of Heroes: New RPG. Somewhat different than the 2 above.


I used to play

DarkThrone - Strategy turn based game
Phantasy RPG - A classic RPG that has really gone down hill the last couple years.

I used to play another one that was similar to DarkThrone, except in space.

The Jade Knight:
Quadradius!  It's like checkers on steroids, sort of.

i've spent many an hour on adventure quest back in the day.

If you like collectible card games, card master conflict is pretty awesome.

I play browser games . There are many types of games but my favorite are 3d games.


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