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--- Quote from: Recovering_Cynic on April 22, 2010, 03:21:03 PM ---Batman vs. Darth Vader.  Who would win?

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Batman. Darth vader may have skill and the force, but batman has more wits, bravery, and tricks up his sleeve than vader can even begin to comprehend. Plus, he's batman.

Two words: force choke.

Link von Kelsier Harvey XXIV:
One word: Batman.


--- Quote from: ryos on April 22, 2010, 06:38:26 PM ---Two words: force choke.

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Using the force requires concentration, and from what we've seen of force choking, it seems to take quite a bit of concentration (from watching vader use it).

I'm pretty sure batman would retain enough prescense of mind to break said concentration (batarangs or something while being choked).

This is assuming that you can't outright resist it with willpower, as I'm not sure if you can or not with *FORCE CHOKE* specifically. i know like the mind trick and stuff can, but i suppose it depends on how the specifics of choke work, i.e. is there a tiny telekenetic barrier closing in on your throat, or is it making your mind close your airway?

My 2 cents, anyways. I can only formulate plans/ideas within *MY* abilities, not batman's :P


That would be a really close fight.  As Eerongal said a good portion of being affected by force abilities is the loss of mental concentration.  I think Batman would do well at keeping up and he would put up an astounding fight.

However, if it was Bane V. Batman. . . . well, let's just say they'd change is name to Bruce Payne.


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