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A Tragedy in the BYU Bookstore

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Link von Kelsier Harvey XXIV:
So there's this shelf in the BYU bookstore where they keep all of Brandon Sanderson's books.  Nice big happy display.  Hardbacks, paperbacks, signed and numbered copies of Warbreaker, The Gathering Storm, Alcatraz, it's all there.  I walk by here from time to time, just so that if anyone happens to glance at them going by I can heartily recommend them.  Now the tragedy.  I went by today, and while the pile is still there, the shelf has now been invaded by a pile of Stephanie Meyer's books.  Brandon Sanderson and Stephanie Meyer, on the same display shelf.  Maybe I'm making too big a deal about this, but this is eating my soul. :'(

Red, White, and Joker:
This is Blasphemy!!! This is MADNESS!!!

what the...



I just died a little inside. . . .

hrmmmm college bookstore selling an instructors novels. . . .seems almost like nepotism. :)


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