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The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
There are a few threads that show up frequently in this section of the forum. Sometimes they disappear off the front page and get hard to find. Here's a list of the more common ones.

These Stupid Titles (we're currently in our fourth incarnation of the thread). This one rants about the sometimes degrading titles based on your current post count.

42's Therapy Thread This is a very serious subject, where you can seek and give advice and cousel about tough times or habits. Anything you need therapy for.

Another Spam Rant Mostly this is used to post amusing "subjects" and "senders" of spam.

Finally, you'll notice a proliferation of "Superfly Night Crew" threads (SFNC for short). These are just our regulars hanging out all night and saying "hey" or hooking up.  It's sort of like chat, but not. Join in and get to know our night owls, but please, only use the most recent SFNC thread for it.

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