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Name:  Miyabi

Alliance:  New UNP

Class: Monk (Healing)

Jobs: Surgeon :: Computer Engineer

Physical Description:  Miyabi stands nearly two meters high.  His long, straight blonde hair reaches the middle of his back.  His frame is slender for his height, but so much that he is lanky.  He wears tight black, belted, leather pants and a fitted purple shirt.  On his left temple, extending to behind his ear his skin protruded an eight of an inch, in the center of the anomaly a computer chip was exposed.

Personality Description:  Miyabi is extremely mouthy.  No matter how much he pretends to not be, he is actually very humble and really does enjoy helping those around him.  He goes to great lengths to find people to be around, and considers nearly everyone a friend until they prove they aren't worthy of his friendship.  He is extremely loyal the the New UNP and refuses to interact with anyone from the Warriors of Gaia.

History:  Miyabi grew up under his mothers care on the floating UNP continent.  His mother was a medic and had none to watch him, so she would take him to work on a daily basis.  When he reached the age of ten he was allowed to begin learning to help with around the hospital.  He was a fully tenured surgeon by the time he had reached the age of fifteen.

Shortly after gaining surgeon status Miyabi began to grow weary with the computer systems that were available to the hospital he and his mother worked in.  He scoured the city looking for anyone who knew anything about computers.  After finding someone to help him learn to make computer systems he reconstructed the internal systems for the hospital.

His obsession with computers in the medical field didn't stop there however.  He soon found himself craving to find more uses for computers.  A few days after his twentieth birthday a patient came to the hospital who had a cybernetic implant located on the back of one of his hands.  After having healed the man's internal bleeding he inquired about the computer chip he could see.

The man explained it had been implanted years ago to correct a nerve disorder that had begun to affect his hand.  It didn't take long before Miyabi had grown extremely obsessed with the idea of cybernetics and soon left the floating continent and began to explore the smaller surrounding islands to find knowledge of cybernetics.

Over the next five years Miyabi grew to become a rather experienced and expert cyberneticist.  He currently roams around looking for a group of people to join and help.


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