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What age group are Stephanie's books appropriate for?


I've got a 13 year old niece that has unfortunately been lured to the dark side and now likes Chick Lit.  I figure that having her read something is better than her not reading so I'll feed her habit.  I normally give books for Christmas, but am totally out of my league in this genre.  Are these books suitable for 13 year old tomboys gone girlyish?

Also, do you have any other suggestions for other books/authors to feed her habit with?

Hi! I'm chiming in after a million years. So so soooo terribly sorry. Alrighty, so thirteen is definitely a fine age group for my books. As for other chick lit books that are age appropriate?--I've heard Elodia Strain, I know Julie Wright's books are great. Rachel Nunes is wonderful too. Michelle Ashman Bell also writes a good book. But yeah, hope that helps...a year later? Whoa! Yup (hide my head in shame).


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