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Brandon vs. Jason

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Anybody else going to follow the match tomorrow? I haven't played a good match in years, let alone watched one. I wish my wife were more into it. Oh well. Go Brandon. (I like you too, Jason, but I have been a fan of Brandon longer than I've known about you.) :) :)


Brandon kicked butt. h aha.

My favorite part:

--- Quote from: Brandon ---Let's move this so they aren't staring at my crotch the whole time.

--- End quote ---

Nah, Chris, your favorite part was "Who on there has read scribbler.  Oh, it's a friend of mine."


That made me smile, but the crotch comment made me laugh really hard.

Man, I thought Jason was going to bring more. To be fair though, Brandon has a lot of experience. Thanks to those who streamed the video. It was fun to watch!


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