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Ahoy. Hey just wondering if anyone here knows about or has purchased the recently released (yesterday?) Rogue Trader RPG. It's a Warhammer 40k Rpg, published by Fantasy Flight Games. I got my copy yesterday, and it looks incredibly cool. Can't wait to start playing (whenever I can get my regular group to stop flaking out).
Anyhow, just thought I'd bring it up.

The Jade Knight:
I'm just curious how much it resembles WFRP 2nd.

I'm not too familiar with WFRP, but it looks like they have similar general mechanics (how dice rolls work, etc). However, I have noticed that, beyond the basic mechanics, most of the mechanics are designed to heavily reflect the setting. I like that. It has rules for spaceships (although they have said that there was way more they couldn't fit in there, so that is almost definitely going to be an upcoming supplement), psykers and navigators, lots of cool warhammer technology, and a pretty cool system for character creation and choosing your career.
Something about Rogue Trader that sets it apart from other roleplaying games is the scope and scale of it all.

This article talks about that in depth, and I think it's pretty shweet.

I've heard some buzz about this book, but I haven't actually looked at it much. I'm hoping to check it out at my local game store soon. Just having hard time finding the time right now.

Is Rogue Trader a stand alone or a suppliment?


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