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little wilson:
We all have lyrics that we just love, whether it's because they're visual, romantic, or just sound cool (or any other conceivable reason). Post them here!

I have a bunch that I could use, but...I'll limit it to 2 for now.

"Heaven was jealous to merely look fair against you." -Making April (These are the Nights)

"You make it hard to smile because you make it hard to breathe." -Secondhand Serenade (Why)

"To find someone you love, you've got to be someone you love." -Nada Surf (Concrete Bed)

"We cling to this and claim the best. If this is what you're offering, I'll take the rain." -R.E.M. (I'll Take the Rain)

Love lyrics only?

little wilson:
No. Any lyrics....

"Sing like you think no one's listening." -Straylight Run (Existentialism)

"Leave while there's still hope for escape." -Jimmy Eat World (Kill)

There's always the song that my title quote is from:

"I'm a slave to the system I inhabit; to my good and bad habits; to my have-nots and my I-have-to-have-its; I'm a civilized savage." -Epik High (Slave)

"How can I sleep at night when my whole being cries?" -Sonata Arctica (Wolf and Raven)

"We tried to talk it over, but the words got in the way" - George Benson's Masquarade

Edit: hey, that's my signature. Guess I really like that line.


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