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Getting married!

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The Jade Knight:
So, I'm getting married this summer and all, and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anyone.  So, if you're one of the many TWG folks I know, and you'd like to come to our reception this August in Reno, please let me know.

And does anyone have Brandon's mailing address?  He doesn't touch these forums much anymore, and I'd like to make sure I send him an invitation.

Congrats, that's great news! I'll see if we can round up a mailing address for you.

Peter Ahlstrom:
I sent you a PM with his address, if Tage didn't already.

I've never met you but think you're cool and wish you the best. Reno is too far out of my way though.

The Jade Knight:
Many thanks.  We'll probably also have an open house in Utah at some point, but details on that are still sketchy ATM.



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