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Hooray for Aprilynne!

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TWG is delighted to welcome our newest author, Aprilynne Pike. Aprilynne is the author of the Wings series, as it says on the blurb; and she's totally awesome.

Blog: http://www.aprilynnepike.com/

Buy her book: http://www.amazon.com/Wings-Aprilynne-Pike/dp/0061668036

Peter Ahlstrom:
Hmmm... I want to read this book.

Can I assume she is LDS as well?

From the bio on her website, it certainly appears that way.

The Jade Knight:
Who are you and where did you come from?

(In other words, I'm sure you're friends with a lot of the other nice chaps here, and it sounds like you're a published author and would fit in great here, etc., but I'm not familiar with your writing, or you as a person.  Mind telling us a little about yourself, and how you ended up at TWG?)

And in case you're totally new to TWG:  Welcome aboard!


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