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I know it is not quite the same as a collectible game, but I was wondering if anyone has opinions as to the best sets of Munchkin?  I've promised my son I will buy another set of cards but I don't know if I want to be boring and just go in order, or if there are some that are much better than others?
My son with Asperger's has really fixated on this game and it is nice that we can all enjoy it together, instead of listening to him rant about a single player game on the computer.
Also places to buy the game in Salt Lake or Las Vegas?  I am going to LV in a couple of weeks and we always end up in SL sooner or later.

The Jade Knight:

Bookstore Guy:
Try going to

They have online pricing which is pretty cheap, or they have 2 locations here in Utah that have good prices in store.

My girlfriend really likes these games, but i know overall she likes "The good, the bad, and the munchkin" and "call of cow-thullhu" best, though i personally have no opinion on them, having never actually played the game at all.

I always liked the Cthulhu ones the best but you probably need to be at least a little familiar with them to get the jokes. Hastur games and hobbies is a good place to pick them up.


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