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Painting and Modeling- share your pics!

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I thought it would be cool for those modelers among us to share a few pics of their creations as well as perhaps works in progress. I'd love to see what you all can come up with!

Here I've got two dragons and two babies. I'm sorry, the picture is a little blurry :( Trust me, the others are even worse :P
The white dragon on the right is from the Games Workshop line. I'm not sure what the other three are from. I didn't do any conversions on any of the models here.

I've got some more but the rest are even blurrier :( I'll try to take some more.

EDIT: urgh. The picture isn't coming up. Any suggestions? The picture is hosted on snapfish here. ]

EDIT  That URL stretched the page.  So right click the image and either click copy image location or properties and find it's location there and then use that URL instead.  That way you are getting the image URL instead of the webpage URL.

I think that'll work. . . maybe.

EDIT: Yeah it works.

:shrug: its just coming up as a big red box for me. I'll just let this thread die, no one seems too interested in it.

Maybe people just aren't modelers or whatever.  :-\

Patriotic Kaz:
*raises hand* oh me i am oh pick me me me me...


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