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Great bands you've never heard of

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OK. I listen to a bunch of stuff that nobody I come in contact with ever knows about before they met me. And a lot of it is great.

How much great stuff am I missing, because I've never heard of it?

So, let's try this. What obscure bands/albums do you love? Crap you're sure nobody listens to but you?

I'll go first: J Minus. Download the free songs off their (sadly, entirely flash-based) web site. Be happy. :)

Peter Ahlstrom:
Ookla the Mok, from which I get my username.

My Morning Jacket - Z

The Medic Droid - What's Your Medium

Cobra Starship - "Viva La Cobra", "While the City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets"

Phantom Planet - "Phantom Planet Is Missing", "The Guest" (The rest of their albums are good too, these are just the best.

Urhm, that's all for now.  I'll give you more later.

I'm ver much like you in the fact that no one listens to the music I do.

Miyabi, I have heard of Cobra Starship, in fact I have seen them live twice and I like their music.

As far as bands that I listen to that most people may not have heard of, umm, probably Superchick and Stellar Kart and a few other Christian rock bands that don't get much airtime.

Comfortable Madness:
Ill throw a couple Christian Metal/Rock, or sometimes referred to as Christian Metalcore, bands out there.

August Burns Red
Demon Hunter


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