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Peter Ahlstrom:
Anyone watching this?

I really, really like it. This is one good show—and Joss Whedon has learned his lesson. He's not fooling around with filler episodes—which with this show he could have easily done—but has gotten right to the meat. He knows he may only have a few shows to really make something special, and that's exactly what he's done.

Pink Bunkadoo:
I've watched the first two episodes on hulu (I guess there's a new one now?).  I wasn't immediately captivated but interested enough to stick with it for a bit and see where it goes. 

I saw the first and third episodes (the second got preempted by Larry Miller coverage), and I really like it. It isn't as funny as Whedon's other shows, but that isn't a bad thing.

Bookstore Guy:
the first 2 episodes were fine (not amazing, but good). I had problems with the 3rd one. lots of holes. it was handled like a filler episode, but it had important info in it that wasn't executed well.

the show is supposed to turn into "crazy awesome show" by episode 6.

what i do like is the uncomfortable morality established. what i dont like is that they haven't firmly established the FBI agent's motivations. kinda makes it hard to root for him - and i really want to (not to mention, what kind of idiot FBI goes into an abandoned building mentioned by the mob by himself?).

I like where the series can go, but the trail is full of landmines. either it is going to blow up, or avoid them nicely.

Peter Ahlstrom:
What holes did you find in the 3rd episode? It was my favorite so far...I dunno, the others didn't break so much ground for me as this one did (ep 2 was good but...The Most Dangerous Game has been done so many times already). (Though it's true that Life on Mars and Chuck both already had "protect the rock star who's getting death threats" episodes in 2009...something must be in the water.) I loved the little touches that you had to be paying attention or you wouldn't see, like the head shake at the end.

The FBI agent who goes into an abandoned mob building by himself does so because everyone else at the FBI thinks he's a laughingstock. However, he was dumb not to be wearing a vest.


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