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So I've decided that we really need to get some kind of RP going on here.

So we should get a list of people that want to join and would participate and revive one of the old Alternate Realities.


* Miyabi
* Sortitus
* firstRainbowRose[/color]

The Jade Knight:
If it's only you, I might invite you to join in on my little project, Miyabi.  Takes place over AIM, though.  (We're alpha-testing my system...)

Yeah, this has like 200 views and I'm the only one. D:  Sadness!

I have now seen this thread. Three times, all in the last fifteen minutes.

I do agree though. I haven't RPed for about 8 years now (unless Munchkin and various pooter games count), and being minus a life I'd love to get back into it.

Sorry I haven't posted before (this vanished before I could, and then I forgot) but totally add me to that list!  I live for these types of RPs.


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