Author Topic: Castle of the Winds  (Read 919 times)


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Castle of the Winds
« on: January 13, 2009, 10:26:46 PM »
Does anyone else remember this game?

It was released in '89 for Microsoft 3.x.

I had forgotten about it for awhile, but then remembered how much fun I had playing it so I went looking and found that the creator of the game has it on his website as a free download. I'm pumped!



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Re: Castle of the Winds
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2009, 06:41:34 PM »
Haha! Resurrect thread spell: CAST!

This game was one of my childhood mainstays. My dad bought a CD called Galaxy of Games (now turned into a series, apparently), and CotW 1 was on it. I was always disappointed that the sequel wasn't on the CD too, but a few years ago I downloaded both and was kinda disappointed over how short it was.

ZangbandTK was the game that replaced this for me, and is still installed on my portable HD. :) It was a bugger to find after my parents' computer died, so if you are looking for it, I will gladly help a brother (or sister) out and send it to you. It has graphical packs, of course. I would die without them.

Back to CotW.... Wasn't the best weapon in the game a morning star? I remember stacking chests inside each other, or placing extras in my belt slot (maybe it was a hand slot...). To bad you couldn't stack infinitely, but you could go pretty far by using the brown ones on the outside and the blue inside. Maybe I'm totally remembering wrong. Dang, looks like I'm going to have to download this game again and see what's up.
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