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Eric James Stone:
My short story "In Memory," which was originally published as a finalist in Writers of the Future, Volume XX, has been reprinted online in Apex.  It's free to read.

Wow, that was amazing. Immediately gripping and intriguing. Wonderful read.

Stylistically, I found it interesting that you chose to write in present tense. Now, I haven't read any of your work before--so maybe you usually write in present tense--but in this case, it made Kenneth seem more... well, for the lack of a better word, present. Almost inhuman, like he is there now, and will always be there. It definitely added to the effect of the entire story.

Eric James Stone:
Thanks.  I usually do not write in present tense, but it felt right for this story.  While I did not consider this factor consciously, I later decided that at least part of the reason is that relating something in past tense is, in essence, relating a memory of what happened.  Since Kenneth's memory is unreliable, he can only be a reliable narrator for present tense.

Are you a fantasy writer?

Eric James Stone:
I write both fantasy and science fiction, with an occasional dollop of horror.


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