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I love Magic:The Gathering but...

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I never get to play. My wife doesn't play and my playing friends are spread to the four winds. How does everyone get their fix?

The Jade Knight:
During the holidays, with family and close friends.

Personally, my magic the gathering time was a large portion of highschool. Haven't played it much since.

You could, however, get magic the gathering online, if you really need some way to play

I've also seen people play on forums. It's kinda like chess by mail/email/whatever, but you'd have to trust the person you're playing with not to cheat.

The Jade Knight:
You can also play online with people you trust not to cheat.

MtG online is a total ripoff, IMO.  Really, it's much more worth your effort to try to recruit family members or friends nearby.  Consider going to your local hobby store and asking around.

sigh I wish I could find my old deck. So many fond memories of that game.  :(


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