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Let's hear it.  :)

Out of the Ones LISTED, I'd have to go with "the Wall"

I love Zeppelin (especially that particular album) but the Wall provides a lot MORE music :D

Though, I think Dark Side of the Moon beats the Wall by a hair.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
This was actually an article we published a long time ago:

I would have to amend my response only in that I'd say "In Rio" over "Different Stages", for the exact same reasons, only more so.

The Jade Knight:
Saint E, I fear you have the worst taste in music out of the 4.  =

Old school is Great but,

Peal Jam- Ten

Stone Temple Pilots- Core

Soundgarden- Superunknown

Though they could actually be considered old school now, I guess. :-[


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